SilentEnigma's FF3 SNES patches

Sliding Dash

Version 1.1 released 2019-06-03

Fixes the standing-still-while-dashing bug that pops up in Master ZED's FF3dash B & C patches. Also makes walking animations more smooth in general, which should be noticeable for some of the slow-moving NPCs.

This hack avoids the half-baked solution that FFAnthology implemented, which itself had the side-effect of sticking stationary characters in the walking pose after dashing.

Restored Ability Names

Version 1.2 released 2019-03-02

Updates Angelo's "Restored Ability Names" patch with the following features:

  • Avoids a bug in the original patch by moving battle scripts to the expanded portion of the ROM
  • Makes a couple of optimizations, uses a bit less free space.
  • Includes a version for ROMs patched with Imzogelmo's Multi-Steal fix
  • Realigns submenu text.
  • Optionally revamps the appearance of class names, renames some abilities, and realigns additional submenu text.

Hopefully this will make it much simpler for people who wish to integrate Angelo's patch into their personal projects.

Stuck in a Pose

Version 2.2 Released 2019-06-03

From Novalia Spirit's 100+ Bugs thread:

After any event-dictated movement occurs, the hero sprite may appear to be stuck in its last pose or its walking pose. The easiest way to see this is to go up and down some stairs. Most of the time, if you stop walking, the hero sprite should appear in a walking pose. Other examples of this are when you jump on a turtle, when trying to go up a conveyor belt to no avail, and after a scene where your party was split temporarily.

I can recall several times not realizing that a scene had concluded, since the lead character remained in an action pose. This bug was fixed by tapping into a piece of code that is executed repeatedly when the player has control of a character but is not pressing any buttons. A new subroutine checks to make sure the "standing still" sprite is being used in this circumstance.

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